5 Signs You Should Upgrade to an Aftermarket Sterndrive

2 January 2018
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Sterndrives give you the power of a inboard motor with the drive capability of an outboard motor. You can buy boats with a sterndrive, but you can also opt to add an aftermarket sterndrive. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider adding an aftermarketing stern drive. 1. You Are Spending a Lot of Money on Repairs If your boat already has a sterndrive motor, you may want to replace it if you are currently spending a lot of money on repairs. Read More …

Two Preparatory Steps to Take Before Going on a Camping Trip

28 December 2017
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If you are going on a camping trip soon, here are a couple of preparatory steps you should take before you leave. Create a first aid kit It is absolutely essential to create a first aid kit for your trip. This kit should be filled with items that you and your camping companions might need if you start to feel ill or if you sustain an injury. It is particularly important to create a kit of this kind if you intend to camp in a very rural, isolated area, as in this situation, it could take an hour or more to reach the nearest pharmacy or medical centre. Read More …

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