Two tips for those about to take martial arts classes

Two tips for those about to take martial arts classes

27 July 2023
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Here are two tips for those who're about to take martial arts classes.

They should take extra care with regard to their personal hygiene before each class

When people do other types of physical activities, like spin or aerobics classes, they'll typically wait until after the activity to shower and do other personal hygiene tasks. However, it's important for anyone who's going to take martial arts classes to ensure they pay extra attention to their personal hygiene prior to each class. The reason for this is that in martial arts classes, students are typically practising movements whilst they're in close contact with others.

For example, when doing kick or hand-strike drills, students will often be put into pairs so that they can take turns holding the strike pads for each other. They may also have to practise grappling techniques, which involve being in close physical contact. Furthermore, during many types of martial arts classes, students are required to be barefoot (as it's easier for people to keep their balance when doing kicks or other moves if they're not wearing socks).

As such, students must ensure that, for example, their fingernails and toenails are trimmed and cleaned, so that they avoid scratching their grappling or drill-work partners. They should also shower beforehand. In addition to this being a way to show respect to those they are near during the class, making sure that their skin is clean can also reduce their risk of getting an infection if they sustain a cut or graze during the class (something that is common in many martial arts classes).

They should ensure they have any protective gear that's required

Anyone who's serious about regularly attending martial arts classes should find out what type of protective gear is recommended for the specific martial arts class they plan to enrol in. For example, if a person is going to take Muay Thai classes, they may need to invest in high-quality boxing gloves, to protect their hands from injury when they're sparring or doing punching drills. They might also need a mouthguard, to protect their teeth from damage if they get hit in this area by their sparring partner. Additionally, because Muay Thai involves a lot of kicking, they might also require some shin pads, that will cushion and protect their shins from their sparring partner's kicks.

Whilst this type of protective gear may be expensive, it is worth it for anyone who wants to commit to learning a martial art, as it will greatly reduce their chances of sustaining injuries that might slow their progress. Furthermore, some martial arts instructors may not permit students to partake in classes if the students are not equipped with the appropriate protective gear.

For more information on martial arts classes, contact a professional near you.

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