5 Signs You Should Upgrade to an Aftermarket Sterndrive

5 Signs You Should Upgrade to an Aftermarket Sterndrive

2 January 2018
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Sterndrives give you the power of a inboard motor with the drive capability of an outboard motor. You can buy boats with a sterndrive, but you can also opt to add an aftermarket sterndrive. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider adding an aftermarketing stern drive.

1. You Are Spending a Lot of Money on Repairs

If your boat already has a sterndrive motor, you may want to replace it if you are currently spending a lot of money on repairs. For example, if you are facing a repair, take that cost and add it to the projected costs of any additional repairs you anticipate needing in the next few years. If that is less than the cost of buying a new aftermarket sterndrive, you may just want to invest in a new one. That is especially true if the body of your boat is in great condition.

2. You Want More Power Than You Get From Your Outboard

In other cases, you may want an aftermarket sterndrive motor to replace your existing outboard motor. In particular, if you want more power, you may want to upgrade to a sterndrive. In this situation, talk with a specialist to see if you can sell your outboard. That can help to offset the cost of your new sterndrive.

3. You Are Worried About Theft of Your Outboard

Outboard motors offer a lot of advantages, but they have disadvantages as well. In particular, their external position makes them a prime target for thieves. If you live in an area where that's a concern, you may want to get an inboard motor or a sterndrive that you can tuck in to secure as needed.

4. You Need to Replace Your Rudder

Most inboard motors use the rudder to steer the boat. If your rudder has gotten damaged for any reason, you have two choices: you can repair the rudder, or you can replace your inboard motor with a sterndrive. In the latter situation, the sterndrive takes over the role of both the inboard motor and the rudder. In other words, it handles both propulsion and steering.

5. You Are Buying a Used Boat Without a Motor

If you are buying a used boat, you can often save money if you buy something that needs a few repairs. If you find a boat that has a body you like but no motor, you may want to invest in that and then add a motor. Generally, it's easier to add an outboard motor, especially if the boat originally had that type of motor. However, you may want to treat yourself to an upgraded sterndrive.


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