Why Self-Defence Classes Are A Must For Any Age Group

Why Self-Defence Classes Are A Must For Any Age Group

22 October 2021
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While Australia is certainly a very safe country comparatively to the rest of the world, that does not mean it is without its own issues. Every year, thousands of assaults, burglaries and violent crimes happen in each part of the country, and it only takes a bit of bad luck to become a victim of one of these crimes. Self-defence classes are one of the only sure-fire ways to make sure you have some form of training in how to handle these extraordinary circumstances, and they should be taken by people of every age, from the very young to the elderly. Keep reading to learn about the advantages of investing in self-defence classes.

Understanding Your Strengths

Knowing your body and its limits is one of the most important aspects of self-defence training. Everyone will have their own strengths. The younger and smaller you are, the slipperier and faster you can be. For older Australians, using the weight and momentum of an opponent against them can be much more effective. Self-defence classes help you lean into whatever strengths you may have so that should something happen, you know what your best course of action will be and can put it into place straight away. Indecision can be a major problem for those who get held up.

Incorporating Self-Defence Into Daily Exercises

You only get better at something by practising it, and that is why a lot of the fundamental aspects of self-defence are very easy drills and exercises that you can practice on your own. Sure, going to self-defence classes is important, but taking this information home with you and doing some work on your own time is the best way to make sure that no matter what age you are, you can still fight back. In addition to making you better at self-defence, it also makes you healthier in general, which is a handy side-effect!

Figure Out How To Avoid Confrontation

While physical self-defence is an important tool to have, it is just one of many in the arsenal of those who practice for these situations. The best type of self-defence is one where you are not put into a physical interaction but can avoid that before it even happens. Self-defence classes help you recognise when a conflict can be resolved through peaceful means. That doesn't mean you won't learn how to defend yourself, just that it will not be the only focus of your lessons. 

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