Benefits of Using Court Tile for Tennis Court Surfacing

Benefits of Using Court Tile for Tennis Court Surfacing

27 August 2019
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If you are looking for options to upgrade your tennis court and surfacing, one option may be court tile. If you have never heard of court tile, then you may be concerned if it will work for your needs. Here are some of the benefits of using court tiles for your surfacing project. Keep in mind, your tennis court surfacing contractor may offer several options for court tile. For this reason, you should consider a consultation with your contractor to determine the best option for you.

Fracture Resistance

One of the leading benefits of using court tile for tennis court surfacing is its fracture resistance. This means that you have a reduced chance of the tile breaking, cracking or having similar issues related to breakage. By having this resistance, you can also reduce your maintenance fees. This means that you can avoid costly appointments for repair, replacement or other calls related to damage to the tennis court surface over time. 

Size Choices

You may want a specific size tennis court. This means your surfacing area may change from the traditional sizes available or that are offered. With a court tile surfacing option, you can choose the size of the court as well as the size of the border surrounding the court. You can use the tiles to create the court designs, the outline, markings, and the sitting area at courtside. Your entire area can be surfaced in the tiles easily. This means the outline of your court size is permanent and borders will maintain themselves during rain and similar weather conditions.

Colour Choices

When you first look at tennis court surfacing options, you likely believe you are limited to shades of green. Though green is a traditional court colour, you are not limited to that when you use court tiles. Court tiles come in a variety of colours, depending on the style of court you want. This allows you an array of unique options. You can also choose colours that match your landscape to keep a consistent curb appeal and look. If you want the colours changed, you can contact the court contractor and order replacement tiles. The contractor can remove the tiles that are in place and replace them with the new colours.

If you think these benefits sound ideal for your needs, contact your contractor for a consultation. They can help you determine surfacing durability, placement and scheduling. They can also help you with any further questions you have. They can help with suggestions for your location and environment as well.

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