Top Outdoor Activities Australians Should Enjoy More

Top Outdoor Activities Australians Should Enjoy More

13 December 2017
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Australia has an international reputation for being a country where outdoor pursuits are world-class. Frequently, tourists decide to visit the country simply because of the range of thrilling external activities that visitors can take part in. The trouble is that many city dwellers fail to take up the recreational activities that are on offer. Put on a sun hat and get out and enjoy the great Australian outdoors and see what all the fuss is about. There are some superb things to enjoy!


According to one of the globe's leading travel brands, one of the top outdoor recreational activities in Australia is skydiving. Thrillseekers can enjoy a course which will allow them to leap from an aeroplane attached to an instructor and experience what it is like to return to the ground from hundreds and thousands of metres in the sky. The Australian Parachute Federation is a good place to look for when seeking your nearest skydiving centre in the country.

Shark Fishing

Hunting is a great pastime in Australia, but shark fishing or hunting for other marine game is probably among the top activities to do if you want to enjoy a full day out among nature. Fishing charters are available from nearly every coastal town in the country. Not only will you be able to learn how to reel in a big fish in the best way, but newcomers to the sport will be taken to the most likely locations to ensure that a day's boating does not leave you returning to port empty-handed. Barramundi, marlin, swordfish and tuna are all commonly fished species which can be reeled in on a line. What's more, they're delicious when barbecued!

National Park Hiking

With some of the greatest natural bush anywhere in the world, Australia's national parks are second to none. The best way to enjoy them is to walk on marked trails, however. Only experienced bushmen should go it alone. Karijini National Park, Royal National Park and Kakadu National Park all have way-marked trails that are safe to navigate. Not only will you see natural wonders, but these trails also often reveal man-made treasures, such as rock art, along the way. Stirling Range National Park, in Western Australia, is a great place to head if you want to climb up a peak or two. Several of them rise up to a height of more than a kilometre in this rugged parkland.

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